Portable Small Room Humidifier Buying Tips

Portable Small Room Humidifier Buying Tips

Suddenly your room temperature falls down and you feel annoyed with that situation.Moreover your mood change from pleasant to parched. Exactly that time a portable small room humidifier can stop or prevent that bothered situation and dry skin. This is not word of us, this is from American Academy of Dermatology.


Moreover the best humidifier for your room will be- SmartDevil: Small Room Humidifier. It will help you cope with the bothered situation easily. It is convenient to use and all features are easily memorable. From child to grandfather, all can use it properly and the main cause is that it has-

  1. Silence operation below 30db that will help sleeping in silence.

    portable small room humidifier

    portable small room humidifier

  2. There will be night light function, breathing light mode, constant light mode, select as you your need.
  3. Ultrasonic vibration- make the water into micron sized and increase the humidity soon.
  4. Water shortage protection- if the tank is about to empty, it will automatically stop spray.
  5. As well as two spray modes- Continuous and intermittent. Select the button you need.
  6. USB Powered (cable included)


  • Water tank capacity: 500ml
  • Working voltage: DC 5V
  • Power Rating:1.25 – 2W
  • Timing time: continuous spray for 12h/intermittent spray for 18h
  • Spray quantity:30 – 50ml/h
  • Noise: Below 28dB

 User Guides-

  1. Unscrew the tap cover to counterclockwise
  2. Add water to water tank
  3. Turn the tap cover clockwise
  4. Then connect to the power supply.

Spray FunctionFor the first time on this portable small room humidifer, click on the spray button and activate continuous spray. Then click the same button to start intermittent spray mode.  Click for 3rd time to stop spraying.

Important Notes: For 1st time installation, need to soak the water filter 3 to 5 minutes before installation.


portable small room humidifier

portable small room humidifier

Some common FAQ’s from users-

  1. Can this humidifier run without emitting any light at night?
    ANS– yes it can.
  1. Are there any filters that need to clean every time before use?
    ANS– There is no filter, so not to be cleaned. The reservoir that holds the water can occasionally be cleaned with alcohol and you can replace the  white stick inside that absorbs the water just like you would with  any other diffuser.
  1. How does it power?
    ANS– By USB


Finally, if you want to enjoy your sleep then you can buy this portable small room humidifier. You will enjoy your sleep without any single noise and sounds. You can use this humidifier for your bedroom, office, baby’s room etc. So, don’t be let and pick it here fast.                  CLICK HERE TO BUY


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